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George at ASDA

George at ASDA came into existence in 1990, although, then, George at ASDA was just plain George

The motivation behind George at ASDA was the desire to sell quality, value clothing in large quantities. From there it was short a step to George at ASDA appearing in ASDA supermarkets and on ASDA Direct.

George Davies resigned from George at Asda in 2000 following the acquisition of Asda by Wal-Mart. He then  launched Per Una at Marks & Spencer in 2001, followed by GIVe, with stores in several UK towns and Cities and innovative e-commerce retailing.

Perhaps the leading fashion visionary of the last few decades, George Davies has won several prestigious awards. He created several other leading brand names before and after George at ASDA. The Financial Times estimated that Davies has been responsible for the sale of over £54 billion worth of clothing since his time at Next.

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George at ASDA news

Apr 15, 2010 Asda plans to release its new range of George at Asda wedding dresses, and other wedding clothing, clothing in May. The range includes a bride’s dress for £60 and a groom’s suit for £40. There will be two style sof of George at Asda dresses for bridesmaids, one dress will be Grecian style with beading, and the other traditional. The bridesmaid  dresses will be available in magenta or with rose detail, £14 for children and £28 for adults. Note that prices have not increased since 2006.

Mar 17, 2010 The Daily Mirror reports that Fiona Lambert, the current George at Asda boss wears  George at ASDA clothing, including a George at ASDA cocktail dress at industry social events.

Mar 16, 2010 The Queen announces plans to host a reception for Britain's fashion industry. She has invited leading designers, models and entrepreneurs including George Davies, who built up Next, created George at Asda, Per Una for Marks & Spencer, and  'GIVe'.

Mar 7, 2010 ASDA introduces a generous returns policy for those who buy from George at Asda. Shoppers get 100 days to change clothes, no matter how often they have been washed or worn. This "no quibble" policy is a bid to halt the rise of "throwaway" fashion. Unlike the M&S returns policy, George at ASDA's new policy demonstrates continued commitment to providing affordable quality clothing made to last.