IKEA Catalogue

IKEA online catalogue

The IKEA catalogue was only available as a print catalogue before the invention of the web. Now IKEA online gives you access to everything available in the print version.

You can use IKEA online in the same way as any other online shopping site, like Tesco direct or Sainsbury's online. Alternatively, you can download the print version of IKEA catalogue and order goods in the old fashioned way.

IKEA UK (ikea.co.uk)

The print version of the IKEA catalogue for IKEA UK (ikea.co.uk) is published annually. First published in 1951, the catalogue is now delivered in over thirty countries, including the UK, and is available from IKEA stores

The IKEA UK online site ikea.co.uk can be accessed from the IKEA home page, by simply clicking on the "United Kingdom" link. You can also order the print version of the the IKEA UK Catalogue from there, or download the PDF version.

The IKEA Catalogue contains about 12,000 products, and is printed in about 175 million copies worldwide. This is roughly double the number of Bibles printed annually. In Europe the catalogue reaches more than 200 million people each year.

The catalogue's home base is IKEA Catalogue Services AB in IKEA's hometown of Älmhult, Sweden. Here the company operates the largest photo studio in northern Europe.

IKEA also publish a style magazine called IKEA Family Live. The UK version was launched in 2007, with a subscription of over 500,000.

Other UK catalogues

The IKEA online catalogue is not the only one worth a browse. Most of the large UK stores now have superb online catalogues. For example:

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Morrisons catalogue - don't overlook this large supermarket chain when grocery shopping, it has some great bargains and great fresh produce produced in-store.

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IKEA vacancies

IKEA vacancies the low-down on applying for IKEA vacancies - including, learn how to be a Swede!

IKEA jobs - information on the kinds of jobs available at IKEA. Tips on using third party job sites and career information sites.

IKEA catalogue - news, latest offers

9 Nov 2010 Ikea furniture sales increase Ikea UK reported increased sales in 2009, especially of kitchens.

27 Oct 2010 IKEA Catalogue for iPhone version 1.1 for 2011 shows 2000 out of 10,000 products in the full IKEA Catalogue.

23 Feb 2010 IKEA allows customers to add IKEA catalogue images to digital images of their homes, using an augmented reality mobile application. IKEA outsourced development of this mobile catalogue app to the Cake Group. It augments IKEA’s launch of the standard mobile catalogue, released as an iPhone application a few months earlier. 

30 Dec 2009 The IKEA catalogue is released as a "standard mobile catalogue", and is available as an iPhone application.