Sainsbury's Jobs

Sainsbury's jobs - overview

On the Sainsbury's jobs vacancies website, you can highlight the kind of jobs you are interested in, and the location you prefer to work. Sainsbury's then list the opportunities they currently have to offer, and lots of information on each kind of job. Sainsbury's give useful feedback at each stage, so you know how strong a match you are for a particular vacancy.

Jobs at other retailers

ASDA jobs ASDA offers a similar range of jobs to Sainsbury's. The stores are quite similar in the products they sell range and their target market.

Morrisons jobs Sainsbury's have a bigger supermarket chain than Morrisons, especially in the south of the country. Jobs can be found in the pharmacy jobs and other specialist areas.

Tesco jobs Tesco is the biggest supermarket chain.

Sainsbury's jobs - facing rejection

If you apply for Sainsbury's jobs and get rejected, don't give up hope. You can apply again, but wait 6 months before reapplying. If you do this, make sure to develop your skills and experiences along the lines of the feedback given to you in application process.

Sainsbury's jobs vacancies online

Besides using the Sainsbury's jobs site, you can find vacancies online by using third party jobs sites. Try to find job search sites for the particular specialised area you are interested in, but be flexible. For instance, some sites (like Secs-in-the-city) provide general customer service vacancies, not just secretarial jobs.

Boning up on Sainsbury's jobs

Before looking for Sainsbury's jobs, learn as much about the store as possible. The easiest way to  find information is by following the Sainsbury's links on this site, and by using our custom search engine (to be found at the top of this page.) 

Our Google custom search engine uses only the most trusted sources for people searching for Sainsbury's jobs, and information about Sainsbury's supermarket, including Sainsbury's own sites, Wikipedia, and the BBC. So you will not spend hours filtering through the vanilla Google search results. We have done the heavy filtering work for you!

To get more information about front-line Sainsbury's jobs, try shopping at Sainsbury's. Observe what staff are doing and ask yourself if you could face doing what they are doing. If they aren't busy, talk to them, and ask them what it's like working there. Look for attractive features of Sainsbury's supermarket that you might not find elsewhere. 

For instance, if, like me, you like working with computers and with customers, supervising the automatic checkouts looks like a fun Sainsbury's job. My local Sainsbury's have some really efficient automatic checkouts. I find they are much better than those in other local supermarkets.

If I was looking for a job 'running the automatic checkouts' I would simply go to my local Sainsbury's and ask if they had any such jobs available. But before doing that I would learn everything I could about using all the automatic tills in all the local supermarkets, mainly buy using them all and trying out all the options they have available. 

I would jot down my views as to exactly why Sainsbury's automatic tills are best, and the (few) cases where they are not, so that I am fully prepared to really shine in interview. A recent news report said that hundreds of people are now applying for every supermarket job. Only the keenest will have any chance of getting jobs in these hard times. 

For another example, many jobs are to be found in Sainsbury's bakery. It sells freshly baked organic bread that is difficult to beat on taste and price. In fact, I prefer it to anything on offer by other supermarkets. Try doing a taste/price comparison of such "own brand" products to get a feel for what Sainsbury's does best.

Such personal experiences can provide useful things to talk about in interviews. For instance, I could say with all honesty: "I admire Sainsbury's range of own brand products. I buy Sainsbury's organic bread on a regular basis. For price and taste it's better than any other bread I've found." Don't just copy this, of course! Explore Sainsbury's and find some positive things of your own to say at interview.

Of course if, say, Waitrose is better in some ways, then say that as well. (Their "Essential Yoghurts" are really smooth and inexpensive!) No employer wants fawning sycophants, they need people who can be critical of the company they are joining so that they can help improve it. And that goes for shop floor staff as much as for management. 

Sainsbury's jobs - news

News on Sainsbury jobs, including store openings and expansions. Search for the latest news relating to your town using the search box at the top of this page, or read through our brief news alerts:

24 Nov 2010 Sainsburys creates 500 jobs - on the counters and in the cafes. Sharpen up your food preparation skills!

11 Nov 2010 270 Sainsbury's jobs in Morecambe - in Sainsbury's new superstore on the former Morecambe FC Christie Park site.

28 Oct 2010 Sainsbury's jobs war in Saffron Walden.