Use SWOT analysis to draw out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats affecting Tesco.

SWOT Analysis - Strengths

Begin your SWOT analysis by producing a picture of Tesco's strengths using strategic marketing reports and other business resources. Specific analysis techniques to employ:

SWOT Analysis - Weaknesses

In performing a SWOT analysis of Tesco's weaknesses, think about the weaknesses that other companies share with Tesco. For instance, comparing Tesco with British Airways might get you thinking about how dependent Tesco is on the UK market (73.8% of 2003 revenues.) Comparing Tesco with Amazon might reveal flaws in its attempts to move into new markets.

SWOT Analysis - Opportunities

Some of Tesco's main opportunities are on the internet. Look at the Tesco website, and compare it to the opposition. Ask yourself: What opportunities is Tesco missing? Which opportunities are Tesco exploiting? For instance, compare and How do the prices of books compare? Which site has the best features? What opportunities can Tesco take that Amazon might be missing?

SWOT Analysis - Threats

Having already investigated the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities facing Tesco you should have some good ideas about the threats facing it. Concentrate especially on strategic planning to counter threats from other companies. For instance, investigate how Tesco's financial products compare with those from more established providers. A SWOT analysis of Tesco must consider all the competition in detail.