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Tesco Jobs News

Vacancies for Tesco customer assistant jobs are not usually listed on websites. To land these jobs, ask at your local Tesco store.

But, if you are looking for a job at any supermarket, that could be a lot of stores to trek around. So arrange a list of of 'best prospects' and 'average prospects'. Visit the former, and phone or email the latter.

Our Tesco jobs news index lists newspaper articles relating to Tesco jobs. These may give you a heads-up on stores looking for people. But it's a rather long list, and you probably don't want to read about jobs in distant localities, so: 

Some articles focus on job types, for example: 

Using Tesco Jobs search

Find jobs on the website using specific searches, like:

But remember, customer assistant jobs may not be listed on any website, contact your local store directly

The list in the left margin provides job titles for many Tesco jobs. Use it for generating search terms. In the lower left margin you will see a list of links to similar pages for other stores.

Tesco jobs website -

The website is the most important site for Tesco jobs seeker. It walks you through the application process for all Tesco jobs. 

Before searching or applying for Tesco jobs ask yourself exactly what kind of job you are looking for. Are you interested in customer service? If so search for  customer assistant vacancies, or for management vacancies, if your sights are higher. If you prefer gadgets to people then driving, distribution, or warehouse jobs might be more your thing. 

Do you want to work in any Tesco superstore within ten miles, or the local Tesco extra corner shop? You need to think about your ability, or desire, to commute before filling in the application form. 

Tesco jobs - burn shoe leather

To find Tesco supermarket vacancies, Tesco lorry driving vacancies, and other front-line vacancies for Tesco jobs, don't limit yourself to online searches; pop into your local Tesco supermarket and ask them if they have any jobs available. Also, while you are there, you can ask for a Tesco application pack.

Tesco jobs - application

As mentioned in the last section, you can get a Tesco jobs application pack from your local supermarket. Alternatively, the Tesco vacancies website allows you to print off application forms for shop floor and management positions.

Use our Google custom search engine to search the website, and other useful sites, for information relating to the jobs you are most interested in. Then you will be fully primed to fill-in the Tesco application form.

If you learn something about how Tesco works, before going for interview, you will be able to show Tesco management that you are really keen.

New Tesco stores

Tesco are opening new stores on a regular basis. Search for New Store Openings to get the low-down on opportunities that might be available in the near future. Also keep an eye on your local weekly newspapers, for new Tesco openings, and don't forget to check their vacancies pages at the same time! 

Keep a look out for Tesco related stories in your local newspapers, don't just look through the job columns. Such articles might help you in your job search. For instance, my local newspaper recently had an article about shop keepers demonstrating against the proposed opening of a new Tesco store in Bletchley, near Milton Keynes. This article, obviously, provided useful information as to where Tesco jobs are likely to be available in the near future.

Tesco jobs - interview tips

If you apply for Tesco jobs and are asked at interview if you think that Tesco is bad for local shopkeepers, stress that Tesco is good for local customers because of the low prices and convenience that Tesco provides. Keep in mind the old adage: "the customer always comes first" and you can't go far wrong when answering questions in Tesco job interviews.

Tesco management vacancies

You can search and apply for Tesco Management vacancies online. But before applying, find out more about the supermarket recruitment processes on the Tesco website and other websites. Sainsbury's also has excellent information about the application process on its careers website.

Third-party Tesco job sites

Some Tesco vacancies can be found on third party job vacancy sites like CV-library, 1Job, or Reed. Also, they often have good advice on job seeking in general. To make the best use of your time, it's best looking for Tesco jobs on Tesco's own site, in the first instance. But third-party sites are worth investigating after you have fully investigated Tesco's own sources of information.

Tesco vacancies - Tesco as an employer

Tesco vacancies are to be found in many different departments, and recruitment for Tesco jobs is ongoing throughout the year

Before applying for Tesco vacancies get to know Tesco. By exploring the information about Tesco through the links on this site, and through searching Tesco's own sites using Tesco Jobs Search, you can learn a lot more about the company, and go to interview armed with information.

As Tesco is one of the largest employers in the UK, Tesco vacancies can be found in most cities. Tesco employ around 250 000 people, and, even in present economic circumstances, there are always new Tesco jobs on offer. 

If you are flexible, you should have some chance of finding Tesco job vacancies. Be careful to take account of your local area to get a realistic impression of your chances of filling a Tesco vacancy. For instance, if a factory or large Woolworths store has just closed in your area competition is likely to be tough.

With movement of workers across the EU having been made easier, Tesco job vacancies have attracted many Polish and other European citizens, especially in Tesco's more specialized jobs like lorry driving. Coming from countries where wages are lower, these people are very keen workers and UK workers have to be very on the ball to compete with them. But local knowledge is always very important, and UK workers should always have an advantage in finding UK jobs. The key thing is not to be complacent. Don't expect to get Tesco jobs unless you put in some groundwork before applying.

Once you have a job, Tesco are very good at promoting from within. Even a school leaver with few qualifications can make it to Tesco Store Management and higher. 

Don't forget to check for job vacancies in ASDA, Sainsbury's, and other supermarket chains. Obviously, they are looking for similar qualities to those seeking Tesco jobs.

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