MapQuest Europe

MapQuest Europe provides great route planners, maps and driving directions for European destinations.

MapQuest Europe, indeed MapQuest for anywhere, can be accessed most easily from the homepage. Simply enter the details of the European map or destination you require. If there is any ambiguity, links to MapQuest Europe sites, which agree with the details you gave, are revealed.

Starting and destination locations in MapQuest Europe can be specified using addresses, road junctions, city names and postcode. MapQuest Europe supports postcodes from most European countries. You don't have to enter all this information, just enter all you can. 

Once you have your MapQuest Europe route, you can reverse the directions for the return trip by simply clicking the "Reverse" text link. Use your browser's "Print" option to print the page. Click the "E-mail" link to send others the details. 

In MapQuest Europe the route map can be moved in eight different directions. Try clicking on the top (North), bottom (South), right (East) or left (West) and the four corners to see all the possibilities.

Use the MapQuest Europe zoom bar to change to one of sixteen zoom levels, from world view to detailed street view. You can move the map around by holding the mouse button down and dragging the map. There are "traffic conditions" and "satellite" buttons that allow you to explore other map view.

MapQuest Europe sites available in their own language include:

Maps and directions for all these countries are also available from the site, in English, which also includes other countries in Europe. 

To access full maps of any countries in Europe simply type the name of the country into the box on the home page, and click the Map button.

MapQuest Europe is working hard to give you access to all countries in Europe. For many years it been providing maps of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom; and so features for these countries are very well developed.

Sites that complement MapQuest Europe, include: