Multimap provides street maps for the RAC, Google provides them for the AA.

RAC and Multimap

In 2008 RAC (UK) launched a new route planner service based on the mapping technology from Multimap. The Multimap maps are embedded directly into RAC web pages. 

A key reason for the RAC adopting the Multimap route planner was the ability to customise maps with local information - such as the location of  car parks, restaurants, railway stations and Wi-Fi hot spots. These  can be layered onto the map according to user preferences. 

RAC may secure sponsorship partners to highlight the location of their services on maps on petrol stations shown by the maps.

Multimap was taken over by Microsoft in 2007, so now Microsoft facilities are available to the RAC through their involvement with Multimap. This includes integration of Microsoft Virtual Earth high-resolution aerial and Bird's Eye imagery. This is taken at an angle allowing useful  geographical features to be shown on the map. You can switch from standard road view to Bird's Eye view, allowing visualisation of useful landmarks, along with  street names and navigational aids. Microsoft Virtual Earth has been integrated into the Multimap platform, allowing customers to benefit from the best features of both products at the same time.