Multimap Directions

Multimap directions should not be your only source of UK directions. Triangulate Multimap directions with Google maps directions, MapQuest directions, and other directions providers. This will help eliminate errors, and lead you to features that complement Multimap directions.

Compare the directions facilities of different providers carefully to find the features that are the best fit for you.One recent feature to focus on is Multimap draggable driving directions; compare this with Google draggable driving directions - the original of this particular feature.

Draggable driving directions provide a flexible, visual tool for altering your route instantaneously until you find the best route for you.

Multimap directions - common journeys

Google, like Multimap, determines your country and provides links for common journeys. If you do a lot of travelling down commonly used routes, keep an eye on the 'common routes' offered by various providers. Getting routes by just clicking links is a lot quicker than having to type type your start and end points into the route planning search boxes. Also, common journey routes are more likely to have been optimised and thoroughly error checked.

Unique features of various directions providers

Besides Multimap and Google, Ask, MSN and Yahoo, also provide unique features for their driving directions

One problem with Multimap is its lack of features. To add landmarks to your driving directions, check business, hotel and tourist sites in the areas you are travelling to.

Google provides a Street Level View, which can show you to distinctive buildings on your planned route. This can give you peace of mind when you actually see these buildings as you drive the route. And if they look really interesting you can plan an interesting break to your journey!

But don't forget Google's competitors, Yahoo shows a detailed map with a large scale map, which is great for integrating a long journey with the streets around you at a particular time.

Multimap directions - features

Multimap directions allow you to plan a route for speed or scenery. 

The Multimap directions facility is not called Multimap driving directions, like some of the competition (e.g. MapQuest driving directions) -- this is because it includes more than just driving directions, it famously includes:

As avid walkers we love this feature at 321Books, and it gets a gold star from us.