Multimap UK is now Bing Maps UK

The UK company Multimap was acquired by Microsoft in 2007 and merged into Bing Maps in 2010.

Multimap UK ( was acquired by Microsoft in 2007, but Microsoft already had its own mapping and location based service, called Bing Maps. For a while, Bing Maps UK lived happily alongside Multimap UK. But, eventually, in 2010, the two platforms combined under the name Bing Maps UK. 

Between 2007 and 2010 Multimap UK was by far the biggest competition for Google Maps in the UK, so the name was probably retained during this period because of brand recognition. But in 'the rest of the world', Bing Maps became the main Microsoft player.

With Bing Maps becoming increasingly recognised as a serious product in the UK,  it became increasingly obvious that providing two very similar services made less-and-less sense. 

In late 2010, the Multimap UK web presence was dissolved, and if you try and find it now you are redirected to Bing Maps UK. Because Multimap had dedicated customers, UK searchers still type multimap into the search engines more often than bing maps. But the pages now only return soft or hard redirects to

Until recently you could find Multimap UK only maps on the websites of many partner companies, including Yellow PagesTM and the RAC. Now some (e.g., the RAC) refer to Bing Maps, others (e.g., Yellow PagesTM) now generate their own maps.

If you were a fan of Multimap UK, certainly don't ignore Bing Maps UK, as it adopted many of Multimap's features.

Don't limit yourself to only Multimap UK (i.e. Bing maps UK...)

Multimap UK (now Bing Maps UK) is not the only place to find UK maps. Several other web sites provide them, including Google Maps UK, Yahoo Maps UK, Streetmap UK, and MapQuest UK. And don't forget OpenStreetMap, the Wikipedia of map providers. Some of these companies also deliver maps via leading third parties. For instance, Google Maps provides maps for the Automobile Association (AA.)

Multimap UK features, now incorporated into Bing Maps UK

Unique features of Multimap UK, now carried over into Bing Maps UK, include: