Streetmap UK

Streetmap UK is one of the main online map providers in the UK, giving significant competition to Multimap, Google Maps, and MapQuest. The main point of access to maps is the website. 

If you are looking for satellite views or ordnance survey maps then Streetmap UK is not for you. It lives up to its name, and no more, by providing only great street maps.

If all you want is a map of a street and its area, Streetmap UK is a good first choice. I tried typing my postcode into the 'find a map' box of the competing products and preferred the results from Streetmap. Some observations:

In summary, if you want to quickly obtain a one mile square street map, with all the (abbreviated) street names included, then Streetmap UK is the way to go.

For anything else, you should look closely at the offerings of other companies. Streetmap lacks many  features found in Google Maps, Multimap, or MapQuest.

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